Akin to Sri Palani Murugan Temple, Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba has envisioned the temple of Sri Jnaana Dhandayuthapaani Temple to be constructed at Sri Kshetra Mayiladumkunnu, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. The dimensions of the temple will be similar to that to Sri Palani Temple and the temple will face west, as in Palani.


Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba had predicted many years ago that a temple for Lord Muruga, similar to the one in Palani would be established in Kozhikode.

As per Sri Babaji’s sankalpa, the temple shall be an exact replica of Palani Murugan temple, dedicated to Sri Jnana Vela Dhandaayudhapaani atop the hillock of Mayiladumkunnu. in Kozhikode district of Kerala.

The magnitude of this divine sankalpa is enormous, as it is in consonance with the divine incarnation of Sri Babaji.

In accordance with Sri Babaji’s sankalpa, the temple for Sri Jnana Dhandayuthapaani akin to the one at Sri Palani in Tamilnadu was constructed and consecrated on the 6th of June 2017.

For the manifestation of the divine Sankalpa, Sri Babaji chose the splendid location of Mayiladumkunu, a sacred hillock in Kozhikode city of Kerala.

Significance lies in the name itself - ‘Mayil’ means ‘Peacock’ in Malayalam / Tamil, ‘Adum’ means ‘Play’, Kunnu’ or ‘Kundru’ means ‘Hillock’. ‘The hillock where peacocks play joyfully’.

Aptly named by Sri Babaji as ‘Sri Kshetra Mayiladumkunnu’, this is indeed the abode of Lord Muruga. As declared by Sri Babaji, Mayiladumkunnu was earlier inhabited by Maharishis, who have done enormous penance and invoked Lord Shiva & Sri Shakti, thereby sanctifying the abode.

Sri Babaji had predicted many years ago that a hillock will be dedicated for Lord Muruga, wherein a temple akin to Sri Palani Murugan temple would be established.


As per Sri Babaji’s vision, the main idol of the presiding deity was consecrated on the 6th of June 2017 at Sri Mayiladumkunnu Kshetra, an exact replica of the idol of the presiding deity at Palani temple.