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Along the stairway of Sri Kshethra Melpalani atop the hillock of Mayiladumkunnu, an idol of Sri Bhogar Maharishi is consecrated, as a symbolic gesture, in reverence of great sage Sri Bhogar, who had consecrated many great temples including Sri Palani.

Just after paying obeisance to Sri Idumban idol along the stairway, the pilgrims continue their climb up towards the temple, they can see the idol of Sri Bhogar Maharishi on the left of the hillock tucked inside a small cave-like area.

It is customary for pilgrims to pay obeisance to the great Sage (The Guru), who is the inspiration and guiding light for the consecration of Melpalani Sri Jnaana Dhandhayudhapaani Temple. It is important to take the blessings of a Guru before going to a temple, hence the idol of Sri Bhogar Maharishi has been consecrated strategically along the stairway, just before reaching the temple.