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Bhagavan always travels with us.
5th September 2019.

From the day I met Bhagavan, I began to have such divine experiences. Last Thursday night due to my job, I came across three drunken men who were travelling with me. They were consistently hassling me and were very dangerous. At this point, I recalled the image of Swami carrying out the Arthmatha pooja in the morning. I prayed thinking of Bhagavan to somehow save me from his dangerous situation. Surprisingly, just as they were going to attack me, a flower fell from nowhere and landed on the dashboard. The three men went silent and were shocked and asked me repeatedly "How did the flower get there?"and "Where did it even come from?" and soon somehow they fell asleep suddenly.

When I was speaking to Bhagavan next morning, He had made it clear that the flower was sent to me from up above in aid of my protection. I only give my pure love and devotion to Bhagavan and He has saved me through this miraculous and divine experience.

Thank you Bhagavan

29th November 2012
Shri. Bahitharan's home - #10, Camathen, South Wales, UK
Time: 11:15pm

Babaji's completed the satsangh and started walking around the home. From the living room Babaji walked into the kitchen and was appreciating the home. Babaji said to Mrs. Bahitharan that next visit to Wales Babaji will stay in their home, and that Babaji will come with a big team of devotees!

Babaji's completed the satsangh and started walking around the home. From the living room Babaji walked into the kitchen and was appreciating the home. Babaji said to Mrs. Bahitharan that next visit to Wales Babaji will stay in their home, and that Babaji will come with a big team of devotees!

Mrs. Bahitharan was overjoyed and extended an invite heartfully! Just then Babaji asked ' do you have a garden?', for which Mrs. Bahitharan said 'YES' and instantly was pleased to show the garden. She rushed to throw open the door to the delight of Babaji and all of us. Babaji walked into the garden saying 'next visit we can conduct a beautiful Satsangh here'. Then Babaji looked up to the sky to see the beautiful full moon ( it was just a day after the full moon) with a magnificent halo around it, which was slowly expanding...colourful concentric circles that magnified the brilliance of the moon! Just then Babaji told me 'look at the moon... Keep looking...' as I was gazing at the moon Babaji appeared and immediately Shirdi Sai Baba appeared!! I was elated! I screamed with Joy!! I said 'Baaaaaaba' and started crying like a baby!! I just hugged Babaji and couldn't let go of Babaji!! I prostrated to Babaji and thanked profusely!! Just couldn't say anything!!! Babaji laughed heartily and said 'why are you crying?' I said 'Baba, I was craving for this experience for so many years' I love YOU Baba... I love YOU'. Tears continued to roll down my eyes, at the amusement of other devotees who were eager to experience what I was blessed with!! Babaji caressed my face slowly from the top of my head downwards towards my forehead, and then my face and asked 'are you Happy?'. I was frozen!! what can I say?? No words in any language can express the feeling of seeing God, and that too on the moon...on the Full Moon. Moreover my beloved Guru giving me that experience in HIS HOLY presence, especially on a Thursday, in a sacred placed, which is the land of Skanda ( Lord Muruga). Wales is a blessed land - a temple dedicated to Lord Muruga had been established by a Sri Lankan about 25 years ago, known as 'Skanda Vel,' which is visited by thousands from all over the world. The temple is currently managed by Europeans who have surrendered to Lord Skanda and devoted their lives for the protection and propagation of righteousness. Their selfless service provides solace to seekers who visit Skanda Vel from world over.

Hi Professor:
My recent visit to Kerala was amazing and had added a new experience and uplifted my inner soul to a higher level. Babaji has transformed my way of life! The simple lifestyle of Babaji's close devotees in the Kozhikode and Palakkad Ashrams has moved my soul and enhanced my love for all living beings around me. My recent visit to Kerala was amazing and had added a new experience and uplifted my inner soul to a higher level. Babaji has transformed my way of life!

The simple lifestyle of Babaji's close devotees in the Kozhikode and Palakkad Ashrams has moved my soul and enhanced my love for all living beings around me. At first I thought that I was not welcome to visit Babaji. I have no idea why I felt like that. In any case, I was grateful to see Prashanth Swamy there to receive me at the airport and he took care of me. Perhaps I felt this way because I was told that Babaji was not around and that Babaji had gone on a yathra and he would be later going to Chennai. So I spent the night at a hotel in Kozhikode. My mind was very disturbed and I could not sleep. The next day I was picked up by Prashanth Swamy and we went to Babaji's temple and after having had a walk around the temple and offering a small prayer, we made our way to the school. We were met by both the little angels and the teachers as well. I had bought some chocolates and books for the children.

I hope those books were useful. I had a brief chat with the Head teacher and talked to her about how I could help them with their needs. I was made to understand that the school was in need of a computer for administration purposes. I had decided to donate the computer to the school but I have to look for sponsors first and I am positive that with the Grace of Babaji, I will make this happen. Professor! I am writing to you because I want to do so much for Babaji and assist Him in his quest to help the poor and needy. I experience a great need to want to be part of it. I need to know what the school needs other than cash, including such items as stationery, textbooks and other related materials. I hope I will get a list of items that are needed.

Give me a couple of months and I will sort it all out. I would like to work closely with you to help you as well. My Palakkad trip was great! I visited Mayiladikundram on the way and spent a night in Palakkad, traveling to Chennai the next day met all the Chennai devotees there and then left for England on January 11, 2011. I did meet Babaji in Chennai and all the disappointment that I had nurtured within me came to an end when Babaji explained to me why what happened had happened. It was He said test! Professor! Please keep me informed and I will do what I can to help with the blessings of Babaji. I would like to serve with love.

Siva Munusamy

July 25, 2010
Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah! My beloved Ganesha! Brother of Karthikeya!
Lord of all Scribes! Lord of the Ganas!
Remover of Obstacles! Ocean of Compassion!
May this tribute to the Supreme Guru

Touch the hearts of all! I met Sadguru Murali Krishna for the first time on July 28, 2007 when he had come to inaugurate the establishment of the Bangalore Ashram. The late Sri Ravindran had gifted him an acre of lush virgin land with a lot of fruit, coconut and teak trees. Except for the vegetation and a simple two room roughly hewn cottage, there was little to attract attention. It was the month of July. It was the rainy season and the ground was muddy and wet. I had heard of Swamiji for the past two years from my close friend Sri Gokul Raj. Ever since I first heard of him, I had entertained no doubts of his divinity. There were no doubts at all. Inexplicably, I knew in my heart that he was a self-realized master and that I was destined to see him.

The occasion presented itself in July 2007. It was a difficult period in my life with challenges in several domains. Like a tree yearning to be covered with leaves, my heart yearned for the Grace of a Mahatma. This thirst had taken me to the moving story of Lord Jesus and the astonishing story Lord Buddha, it had attracted me to the effulgence of Sri Ramana Maharishi, I had been engulfed by the extraordinary account of Sri Yogananda Paramahamsa, Sri Yukteshwar, Lahiri Mahasya a nd Babaji, I had been hugged by Mata Amritanandamayi, the Divine Mother, whom I love dearly and from childhood, I was nurtured on the tales of my beloved Sai Baba of Shirdi. My father was an ardent devotee of Baba and I always felt very close to him.

Since the year 1999, I was in search of inner peace and I went relentlessly after my objective. Of course this search must have begun as it indeed did, much earlier but I became conscious of its force and intensity in 1999. I must have done the circumambulation or girivalam of Arunachala several dozen times and I often use to weep with tears streaming down my cheeks looking at Arunachala, that ocean of boundless love, grace and compassion, praying in the form of begging Lord Shiva to cast His merciful glance in my direction! Had not the Sage of Arunachala said, “Arunachala is like fire. If you go near it, you cannot remain untouched by it.” I went with a mere teaspoon but the Lord gifted me with immeasurable truckloads loads of Grace! My prayer was answered in ways that never cease to astonish me even today! I am unable to explain it but its power and mystery remain with me in all their majesty and splendor. Words begin to fail me.

What I have received from our beloved Sadguru can never be repaid even with my life. Today, I cannot conceive of a life without him. The love that he gives us cannot be described in words. Some say love is indescribable. This is true! It is! This has been my experience. I tried meeting him in June 2007 but every time I made the effort, something would go wrong. My efforts were in vain. Until one day in frustration, I decided to fly from Bangalore to Chennai and then to Calicut with Sri Gokul and see him. Within a couple of hours of my booking the tickets, I received a message from Gokul that Swamiji was coming to Bangalore and that I could see him on July 28, 2007.

I met him that day in the evening. He looked regal and majestic. He had a beautiful and captivating smile that lit up his face and it seemed to be there almost all the time. When I came near him, I clutched both his feet in desperation and muttered in Tamil: “Swamiji, you must save me!” He was as I have always come to know him since that date, calm, purposeful and ever firmly grounded in a state of divine exaltation. I could not control myself. I broke down and cried without feeling any sense of shame or restraint. With tears streaming down my face, I told him again: “Only you can save me!”

He responded with a beatific smile on his face: “I was expecting you here today. Now that you have come, I will not allow you to go or to leave me. Do you know why? Because you are mine! You have always been mine! In your previous life, you were born into a Rishi parampara. Even then I was taking care of you. But in this life (his smile became mischievous); I set a net to trap you two years ago. Now that you have come here, I will not allow you to go. You belong to me! You will be with me!”

“Let me see. How many of you are there in your family? You have a wife, a son and a daughter. Do you not? All of you are under my direct protection. Live without fear! Why do you fear when I am there? Like a frog parched with summer thirst, you have been waiting for the monsoon rain for decades, have you not? Today I am going to shower you with that rain. You have reached your destination. There is no place to go. You have come to me. You must help this Ashram grow! One person in every family in Bangalore should visit this holy ashram at least once in a lifetime and chant this holy mantra – Om Sharavanabhava – because in this Kali Yuga, this mantra has the power to help a seeker dive into his inner self.”

By this time, I had begun to recover. Then he asked me to come a little nearer to him, which I did. He then whispered an incident that had occurred in my past (almost twenty years earlier) which was known only to my wife and few of my friends. This was no big dark secret. It was a very painful episode in my life. He explained the significance of what had transpired in my life then in terms that I found completely astonishing and revelatory. Years of ignorance and darkness gave way to effulgence and luminosity. In one mighty stroke, he made me aware of his divinity and his omniscience! He made it very clear to me that he was my Guru and from the very first day, he spoke to me authoritatively like a Guru does to a sishya or disciple. It was at that precise moment that I became profoundly and deeply conscious of the fact that I had met my Guru! I knew I had arrived at my destination. There was nothing more to be accomplished in this respect.

He quickly confirmed that fact. He then told me that he knew why I had come to see him. Once again, he told me the cause and he was absolutely on target. Within a few seconds, he outlined the solution to the problem that I had come to him with and reassured me that he would take care of it, that I had nothing to fear and to leave everything in his hands. He then asked me if I was going regularly to Tiruvannamalai. I said that I was. He told me then that I was a Shiva bhakta and that soon he would soon be seeing me in Tiruvannamalai. This visit was to take place sooner than later. Finally, he asked me to come the next day. The next day (July 29, 2007) happened to be Guru Poornima. I needed very little persuasion to see him once again.

When I was returning home, I was already beginning to experience a certain calmness of mind and serenity in temperament. The next day I asked Gokul to ask him two questions including (a) when would my problem be over and (b) will he grace me to author his biography? When I approached him the next day, (it was once again early evening), he went into an exalted state. His voice was commanding yet compassionate. Responding to the first question, he said: “The winds are so turbulent that even the mighty trees shake. If I hold on to them very hard, they will break. So I have put a rope around them. Your problem will be taken care of within a period of six months.”

And with respect to the second question, he exclaimed with the innocence of a child: “I am only an infant! You must help me grow! How can you want to write a book about me when I am only a child! So you want a write a book on me? You will not only author a book on me but you will be the author of all my Vedas. By my grace, you will receive the intelligence to grasp what I teach you. The first line of your first book will be, ‘This is the Veda I was taught by my Guru, Sadguru Murali Krishna, on the holy day of Guru Poornima.’ I will teach you all the Vedas. Learn the first Veda from me today. This world is a product of the actions of humankind. But there is a substratum – (absolute reality) – that has no equal. It is one without a second whose tatva (principle) people do not understand. The world must be taught this principle. You will be my instrument. It must be actively espoused, spread and taught. I have chosen you to spread my word. You will be my vehicle. And you must do this job!” I was overwhelmed!

He had a number of garlands around him. He suddenly took off one of them and put it around my neck. He said: “See I am marrying you today! When you are married to me, how can you leave me? Even if you try to leave me, I will put a rope around your legs and pull you back. You belong to me!” He then touched the watch I was wearing and continued: “From today your time belongs to me. I will take over your time. Whatever destination you want to reach, you will reach through my grace. Secondly, I have already entered into your pen. It will sing my praise! And finally, your feet; I will not allow the thorns of worldly existence to prick your feet. Do you why?” I replied by saying I did not. He said: “Because I reside in them!” I was deeply and irreversibly moved! I broke into tears for the umpteenth time.

Later that evening at around 6 pm just as I was about to enter Gokul’s vehicle, I was called to see Swamiji. He was sitting inside on a bare platform. He was solemn, dignified and of royal bearing. As soon as he saw me, he smiled. I touched his feet and once again broke down. I said: “You have given me such a lot of love yesterday and today. I do not know what I have done to deserve that.” He was very pleased! He at once said by cupping both his palms around both my cheeks: “My child! Tell me what else is there other than love that I can give you? Is it not the only thing that is eternal in this universe? Is that not the only truth that actually lasts forever? Just as you have been brought here by somebody else, you will bring others to me.”

Once again a naughty smile came over his facial features. He said: “People tell me that you love your students just as much as you love your children. Is this true?” I remained silent as I did not know what to say. He said: “There are a lot of children in this world who are suffering because they do not have a father, mother or Guru. You will be responsible for bringing such children to me and I will heal them. I will give you a lot of work to do and you must complete that work.” Then he suddenly hit me on my chest and said: “I will take care of your body and you take care of my word.” He then gave me a couple of things that he asked to carefully keep. And then I left.

I had gone to him in a near broken state. I had all but collapsed on the inside though I had allowed nobody to get a sense of what was going on inside me. And he firmly plucked out the thorns from my heart and threw them on the roadside with a wave of his hand, taking my pain away and making me light once again. He did all this with no fuss or fanfare, as if it was all an integral part of a days’ work. I felt as if a huge burden was lifting from my shoulders and I could breathe normally again. In those days, I used to drink and smoke with gay abandon. Two days later after consuming a few drinks, I called Gokul before going to bed. He told me that he was about one hundred and twenty kilometers from Palani and that Swamiji was in his car. I asked him to hand the mobile to Swamiji.

I greeted Swamiji by saying Pranamam. He replied likewise. His voice was crystal clear, deep and sonorous. It was as if he had expected my call. He then said: “Today you must give me my Guru dakshina (my fee for initiation)!” I said I was willing to give him anything, including my life and that I was willing to put it on a plate and give it to him. I could hear him laugh! This was the only occasion I tried to be smart with him. I told him that I needed to do some drinking as I was a Professor who was in contact with a lot of my peers worldwide and from time to time I needed to do some social drinking. I soon realized that I was talking rubbish but one of the many reasons why I love my Guruji so much was that he never interrupted me. He did not ask me to shut up though he could very easily have done that and with good reason.

Instead, he said: “I will allow you one month from today. You can do what you like in the next thirty days. But after one month, this must absolutely stop. Your stopping your drinking is the fee that I demand that you pay me.” He had completely outsmarted me! His request was so breathtakingly reasonable that it was hard to refuse! I told him that his grace would enable me to keep the promise he had elicited from me. He enigmatically replied: “Let me see.” Much later I realized that when he seemed harsh, it was actually a sign of deep love and affection.

Exactly thirty days later, he called me (August 29, 2007) and asked me to come the next day to Tiruvannamalai and meet him at Sri Ramanasramam at 11 am. I did that. He asked me to come with Sri Gokul and we left for Arunachala the next day. Gokul was speeding. Half an hour before our destination, we hit an old lady who stopped in the middle of the road. We were right in the middle of a village. We were soon surrounded. I was badly shaken and so was Gokul. Even while I was wondering what was going on, I instinctively reached out and thought of my Guru. I thought he would not have asked us to come today had there not been a good reason to do so. I mentally left everything in his hands.

A huge crowd gathered and I thought there was going to be an awful lot of trouble ahead of us. The lady had a somersault twice before she finally hit our windshield (it was severely cracked) before falling to the ground. We quickly took her to the hospital in Tiruvannamalai. I informed Ramanasaramam and they were most kind and cooperative. They even called the police constable who was in charge of the region who helped us clear all formalities. Miraculously apart from a small scratch on her head and shock, the lady was perfectly fit as a fiddle! It was a miracle! Her son keeps calling Gokul even today for saving his mother’s life!

I left Gokul at the hospital at 10.45 and headed for Ramanasramam where I had booked two rooms for Swamiji the previous day. I reached him on time. He asked everybody to leave the room and I was alone with him. Once again, he was all love and compassion. I told him we had had an accident and he replied by saying: “I know that! See!” And he stretched out his right hand and asked me to smell his palm. I did that and it actually smelt of burnt rubber! I was absolutely nonplussed! Flabbergasted would be a better word!

He then very calmly proceeded to tell me that the old lady was supposed to succumb to an accident and die from a car that was supposed to come from the opposite direction. Instead he decided to save her life by letting her get into an accident in the reverse direction through our vehicle! I was speechless with wonder! He then asked me to sit on his lap and pressed his fingers on various parts of my spine. He also patted me on various parts of my chest and back (I believe he was removing negative energy from my system and releasing all energy centers that were internally blocked) and he then answered several personal questions I put to him.

I received personal instructions concerning some issues on which I needed clarity. While patting my back and my chest, he said that he has to transform the water in my system into milk and then into ghee or rarified butter! He finally gave me a small ball of vibhoodi or sacred ash and camphor and asked me to eat it. He then said that I would cease drinking from that day. I ate it in his presence. And I did! It was as simple as that! I faced no problems of any kind including craving or temptation. No credit is due to me for this resistance as it was entirely a product of his grace.

The same afternoon we went to the Dakshinamoorthy temple bordering Ramanasramam and Swamiji began chanting the Dakshinamoorthy mantra. It was beautiful hearing him. His tone was steady, not wavering up or down and the chanting intense. He must have chanted the mantra about a thousand times (we repeated after him) because it took a good hour and a half, perhaps more. That evening we had the rare privilege of completing the girivalam of Arunachala with Swamiji. It was absolutely delightful. When we were crossing the plot of land I had purchased in Arunachala a couple of years earlier, I showed Swamiji the spot from the main road. He suddenly became child-like and clutched my hands and said, “Where is it? Show it to me?” I pointed in that direction and he told me in a somber tone of voice: “My child, Arunachala is not for married life. You must build an ashram there, not a house, and call me when you have completed it.” We returned at 10.30 pm, ate dinner in his room and left for Bangalore at 2 am in the next morning. Before leaving him, I asked him to put his foot upon my head and bless me which he at once did. I began to experience a deep love swelling in my breast for Guruji.

I began visiting him every month from then. Sometimes it was Calicut, sometimes it was Palakkad and sometimes Guruvayur. On December 31, 2007, he called me in the morning and asked me to meet him at Palani at 3 am the next day. I boarded a flight the same day, reached Coimbatore at 7.30 pm and took a taxi to Palani and booked myself into a lodge the same night. I was to revisit that lodge many times in the future.

I finally met him at 5 pm the next day. Not 3 am. This was because his car had developed some problems along the way. In those days, I used to easily break down on seeing him. I am more controlled today. When he came up the steps of the holy abode of Lord Murugan, I touched his feet. I had brought a garland for him in the morning and put it around him. He said: “Do you know how much I have been thinking of you! You have been in my thoughts! Come with me! We have to do a lot of important things today.” He then held me tightly, kissed me on my forehead and firmly took me around the temple. We were soon at the entrance.

He then said: “You have been my devotee for the past six months and in this period, you have done everything I have asked you to do. So I am going to bless you today.” His voice changed! He saw my Amma bracelet on my wrist and said: “It is difficult for an ordinary man to understand Amma! She has so much tapas (literally means ‘heat’ but in this context, it refers to penance) that she can walk on the water! But the ordinary individual goes with a small spoon but Amma empties lorry loads of grace. But the ordinary individual does not have the strength to hold on to what she gives him”. I waited. And then he pulled himself up and said forcefully: “I am not like that! I am Subramanya! I first whitewash my devotees and only after that do I bless them! Do you know why? Because when I clean them, what I give them will stay with them forever!” It was a moment that I am not likely forget! Ever!

Then he began to be naughty! He turned out to me very innocently and asked me whether I had brought any sweets for him that day! I froze with embarrassment! This was because I was in the habit of taking some sweets or savories to him whenever I met him and this time I had forgotten to do so because he had asked me to meet him very early in the morning and nothing was open at that time in the morning except flowers. As a result, I had taken a garland of flowers. I used my presence of mind that told him that I had brought a different kind of sweet for him. He at once became childlike and endearingly asked me: “What is it? Where is it? Give it to me!” I was completely lost! I told him that I had brought him my mind to surrender it to him. That was my offering.

But he was relentless! He said: “Ah! That is all very well, but where are my sweets? I want my sweets!” I was close to tears! I then told him that once we came down from the temple, I would buy him whatever sweet he wanted. He then turned to me and continued: “In that case, you must give up smoking from today.” Suddenly his voice changed and he said: “This child will stop smoking from today.” He turned to me a little later and said: “You know you should not smoke anymore because when you do, the smoke passes through my lungs!” I could not believe my ears! I again had tears in my eyes! I resolved then to stop smoking. With a minor hiccup, I gave up the habit completely.

But the whitewashing was still not over! He later called me to Delhi in the summer of 2008 (May). On the day of my arrival in the evening, (it was in the Constitution Club), he called me late in the night and said: “Do you know there are so many sages in the Himalayas who perform tapas just to have one glimpse of me. But in your case, I entered your life and pulled you! Do you understand what I am saying?” I told him I did. I was strongly reminded of Lord Jesus who chose his own apostles and said that he would make them fishers of men.

After a brief stay in Delhi, we went to Haridwar and Rishikesh with him. It was a delightful visit. We bathed in the sacred Ganges on many occasions and on one such occasion in the morning, I lost my foothold and caught his feet. For some reason, I found myself thinking of my father. I still missed him deeply. Hot tears were rolling down my eyes and I was looking down trying to hide them. He asked me why I was crying. And I told him. He said my ancestors are waiting for me in Rishikesh. When I was hugging his feet, he blessed me and said: “Yes! Hold on firmly to my feet!” What it meant was this: “In the raging waters of this samsara (worldly existence), my feet are your only refuge! Cling to them!”

Toward the end of our stay, one evening he asked us to come down into the Ganga with him. A few days earlier, he had had asked me one morning, (it was our very first morning in Haridwar) to purchase 14 garlands of wooden beads. He was sitting on one of the rocks and he looked absolutely divine with all the 14 necklaces in his hand! Not a muscle in his body moved! He was in a meditative posture and I have a beautiful photograph of him in this posture. It is enclosed with this note. It was nearing 7 pm. He then addressed all the fourteen of us: “You must be wondering why I have brought you all away from your families and made you spend more than a week with me. You must consider me mad. But actually what you are witnessing today is the rarest of rare occurrences in any person’s life. Such an opportunity is not given to many.” The water was cold. It was getting dark. All of us experienced an unmistakable deeper presence that evening. There was no smile on Swamiji’s features. On the contrary, his countenance was stern, almost forbidding.

Suddenly, he turned to me and asked: “Look above me in the sky, what do you see?” I said I see the moon. Then he pointed to the Ganga aarti that was taking place on the other side of the river at Rishikesh (the aarti in Haridwar is a greater spectacle than its counterpart in Rishikesh where it is more modest) and again asked me what I saw. I said Ganga Devi. He then said: “The moon means Lord Shiva or Purusha the Supreme Person, while Ganga means Nature or Prakriti. In between is me, your Guru. Today I have prepaid all your ancestral debts. Only your Guru can accomplish this task. No other entity can do this task. I have done this today for all of you.” There was nobody who was not deeply and profoundly moved. The ambience was very somber.

He concluded his discourse by telling us that all of us must take a vow never to touch non-vegetarian food from that day and that in our lifetime we must persuade at least ten people to turn completely vegetarian. He then distributed the garlands to each one of us and asked us to wear it on our person at all times. His last demand from me was the easiest to fulfill because I was vegetarian by nature and disposition and ate non-vegetarian food occasionally. This was not difficult to give up. Of the three, this was certainly the easiest for me.

Today it will be three years since I came to bask under the Grace of Sadguru Murali Krishna who is today widely coming to be known as Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba. Each time I meet him, I learn something valuable and develop but only a little. Far from clearing, the mystery has actually deepened. But my restlessness has given way to certain equanimity of mind that is today hard to disturb or derail. I recall writing an impassioned letter to Mata Amritanandamayi, the Divine Mother in June 2007, when she was in New York. I told Her that I was tired of worldly existence, that I have tried to be a good father, a good husband, a good teacher and a good friend to those who approach me but now I am tired. I want to serve my Guru and merge in His feet. I do not recall my exact words but I do remember telling her that I was weary of worldly existence and did not want it anymore. And that she must take over that responsibility.

I firmly believe that it was the Divine Mother who sent me to my beloved Guru and made it possible for me to touch his feet. I salute Her mercy and compassion! Three years have passed since Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba has allowed us the privilege of being with him with all our faults, deficiencies and failings. But his answer to us is always the same. It never wavers! And that answer takes the form of unconditional love! His infinite patience, his boundless compassion, his precious instruction to help us remove our follies and foibles are an eloquent testimony to the selfless nature of his divine mission.

My European friends find it hard to understand how we Indians can surrender ourselves with faith and devotion to a human being. Their faith in what they call “science” and “reason” has blinded them to their own Master (whom I recognize as mine as well) who preached the value of faith by saying that if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains! I am puzzled how easily the Western world has forgotten these commandments. I gently remind my Western friends that if you put yourself in God’s place, the position is unenviable. This is because human beings refuse to believe in the existence of God (actually their own divinity) because they claim they cannot see Him. But when out of His infinite mercy and compassion, He takes birth to provide love, relief and succor, human beings dismiss Him by saying, “He is not God, but a mere human being!” God loses both ways! But the truth is that the Supreme Being is both with form and without form and yet he is beyond both.

Europeans are also puzzled by Hindus worshipping dozens of gods and goddesses. Our festivals puzzle and amuse them. Deep inside they have the feeling that we are idolaters and they take recourse to the Old and New Testament to validate their prejudice. I find this very puzzling! According to the age old tenets of Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Religion, , we believe the universe is composed of 330 million life forms and the Hindu humbly bows his head in submission and prayer to each and every one of them by seeing each one of them as an emanation of the Supreme Being! To equate this submission to idolatry is quite simply incredulous!

I recall the times when I am in the West and the way people there decorate their bodies to look good, smell good and feel good! Unfortunately the habit is catching up with us in India as well. I once again remind my Western friends that if anything can be called idolatry, that kind of obsession with the body qualifies as idolatry! Sadguru Sharavana Baba always reminds us to pay attention to the inside and allow our internal atma to guide our external actions, not the other way around. As Sri Ramana Maharishi once said, the body itself is a disease and it is important to ask ourselves whether we are the body or the mind or the intellect. On enquiry, we will discover that we are neither of those entities.

In a beautiful discourse that Babaji delivered in Paris in May this year, he asked us to relentlessly pursue the answer to the question Who am I? (Nan Yar?). This question is a veritable Brahmastra in the spiritual quest and one which Babaji exhorts his devotees to persist because in many ways, it contains the key.

I met a colleague a few days ago and she told me that I have changed hugely in the last fifteen years that she has known me. I then realized what my Guru had done to me internally and the way it was reflecting externally and I quickly uttered a prayer in my heart invoking his name! What he has taught all of us is the inestimable value of prayer, faith, devotion and surrender. He once said that prayer is so powerful that it can even restore to you what you thought you had lost. I have personally experienced this truth because he helped me regain what I thought I had lost in both my worldly life and in my spiritual quest: the ability to view imperfection perfectly.

May His grace help the universe overcome the challenges it faces and may His will prevail! Know that He is none other than Lord Subramanya who has taken birth to remove the dreaded poison of the ego (ahamkara and mamkara or “I” and “mine”) and spread His hood of loving protection to those who seek refuge in Him!

Om Sharavanabhava!

I went to london to send the album. I was down with fever and struggling to drive. Iwas chanting his name. On my return the front tyre blew. Due to his grace nothing happened. Normally at motorway speed the car goes out of control. Could not get the tyre out and had to get the RAC out. The spare tyre was flat and had a nail in it. At that time of the night to get a new tyre with call out charges it would have cost around£400. Prayed to swami pumped up the tyre with the nail. started to drive home. Found that the motorway was closed and had to tahe a long detour. Chanted swami's name all the way and he got me home safely.

I used to be very confused saying my prayers. I would be very frightened that if i missed saying my praying to either Lord Ganesha or Lord Shanmuga or Lord Shiva or any other god, harm would befall me upon that day and my prayers as a result were becoming very stressed and characterized by tension. One day as we were getting into the car, you called us to the madom and we watched you perform the pooja and that changed me forever. Watching you was an experience that I will never forget. It changed me irreversibly. Now I pray that irrespective of the form that you might assume, I remain grateful. Please accept my prayers and bless us.

The enclosed picture of Shridi Sai Baba with other gods reminds of a similar thought. I am amazed by your ability to read my thoughts and your wisdom in guiding me ever so very subtly. I am hugely grateful to you for your Grace. As the Supreme Guru, you live in our hearts and every day I am witness to this divine manifestation of your guidence. My grateful thanks to you! It would not be incorrect to say that you you picked me off the streets. My thoughts of anger are now changing to blessings. Evil thoughts are getting out of my mind. Revered Guru: I believe that this is the result of your indomitable power and Grace. It is akin to magic! My wife and Iwould worry about the fact that we live far away and we are unable to attend your talks and listen to your golden words. That worry is no more. Now both of us feel the deep truth that you dwell within our hearts and are guiding us without a pause. The only longing I have is to touch your lotus feet which I forever do in my thoughts. Thank you dearest Guru once again and forgive me my mistakes.

Your devoted servant,
Rasu Perumainar

I had a wonderful experiece of swami's grace. Guru Poornima was fast approaching on July 3, 2012 and we were with Babaji in Singapore. The trip to Malaysia had gone off splendidly and Babaji was very happy with His visit to the country as He was able to connect with literally hundreds of devotees. He was pleased with the elaborate arrangements that had been made for His visit and was very happy that it had concluded well.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Om Saravanabava, Guruvai Varuvai Arulvai Guhane, May Lord Muruga,the Lord Of Nature, Nourish Mother Earth, for a productive agriculture wherein the farmers have a good harvest and may the rays of the sun, with the radiant blessings of Surya Baghavan bless all souls,i.e.all living beings in this world. My humble salutations and prostrations to my beloved Guru, Swami Murali Krishna, or fondly known as Sharavana Baba, who came into my life to give me solace and shower his blessings to all souls in this globe. Babaji's Love to all living beings can never be discounted because it was evident when he arrived at my house, on 15th June 2012(Friday), at almost 11.45a.m., my neighbour's dog, which was quite old, "Greeted", Babaji, with it's paws, high up, when Babaji got out of the vehicle,as soon as the door was opened, and Babaji clutched me on Hisshoulders and told me, He,i.e.the dog, is Lord "Bairavar", and Youplease take care of Him.

Subsequently, whenever I start ringing by bell upstairs in my house,to commence my morning pooja, He "Bairavar", will sit in front of myhouse gate, and at times will be at my door step. Hence, I will immediately go down to feed Him, and I will only give him pieces ofbread and he will eat the pieces of bread patiently. On my birthday,last year, 24th October 2012, when I commenced my morning pooja as usual, "Bairavar", did not turn up, and my pooja was over, thus, Iwas getting ready to go to court, as I got dressed and came out, I went upstairs and communicated with Babaji, stating, you are my beloved Lord Muruga, whom I have been praying since a very young age, and today is my birthday, and "Bairavar", has not come. To my surprise in a whisker, I saw, "Bairavar", in front of my house, then I went outside to feed Him. I was very happy, and after feeding "Bairavar", I went upstairs again to the pooja room to say "goodbye" for the morning, to all the Gods and Babaji. To my surprise and happinesss, vibuthi was all over my "Vel", which I take along for my Kavadi to Batu Caves, during Thaipusam. I communicated with "Babaji", and told him I have surrendered to you Thy Lord Muruga, hence, the essence of the teaching is to love all souls including animals, and shower love to them equally as we do to human beings.

The Message on "Maatu Ponggal Thinam", is that the "COW" is of utmost and paramount importance to mankind because cow gives milk, which is used by us, and it is used as a very important abhishegam item for the deities in a temple. Meanwhile, the "OX", helps farmers in their daily work,chores, and is also a very important form o transportation.

It also reflects the concept of "SIVASAKTI", as preached by our beloved Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba, and Glory to the Gosalam, at SHARAVANABAVA MATHAM,SRI KRISHNAPURAM PALAKKAD KERALA.

Vellai Vanuguvethe En Vellai
Vellanukku Thondu Seivethe En Vellai Love

Vijiandran Kassey,Hemalatha Govindarajan & Linggeshwaren Vijiandran

OM Sharavana Bhava

It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience with you all.

Let me introduce myself.This is Suchitra here. I am 28 year old. By profession I am a Software Engineer. I am married and settled in Bangalore.

I am really grateful to Sharavana baba forever because I got a new life from Sharavana baba after suffering for health issues for more than 20 year. I was so very depressed in my life because of a weird problem. My stomach used to be upset 365days of my life… Since childhood I was facing this problem… There is no medicine on this earth that I have not tried… I was fed up of my life.

Mother saves her child with three holes in the heart, with devotion

Om Sharavanabhava
Divine Grace 'echoed'!

A unique experience of a devotee of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba was reported in Saraswathi Mantapam, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India on Tuesday the 29th March 2016 during Satsangi around mid-day.

Smt. Lakshmi(Thanka), wife of Sri Murugan (who is a daily wage worker in the nearby village, Alanallur,Mannarkad), shared her unbelievable experience of divine healing of her two-year old child, master Shivadas.

About few weeks ago, the Child’s mother noticed the child stopped eating any food and with was ailing with a bleeding nose.

The child was taken to many medical colleges at different towns, but without any clear diagnosis. Lastly, the Calicut Medical College disclosed the rare anomaly of three holes in the child's heart!!

Doctors immediately advised surgery to be conducted at Sri Chithra Hospital, Trivandrum.

Before the scheduled date of surgery, Smt. Lakshmi was forced by her well wishers to visit Om Sharavanabhava Matham, Sreekrishnapuram, to take darshan of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba.

With undaunted will she reached the ashram at Sreekrishnapuram with her ailing child. But, alas! she was denied darshan. After this high drama, Sri Babaji’s mother and sister were brought to the scene by another relative, Smt. Usha Devi and together they succeeded in seeking Babaji's blessings for the ailing child.

After having heard about the agony Sri Babaji took the child on His lap, allowed his pranks, played with the child and let the mother take the child back home. Rest was assured.

Parents then took the child to the hospital, and after 15 days of observation and an 'echo test’ conducted on the child’s heart showed no holes! It was a normal, healthy heart!

Sri Chithra Hospital discharged the healthy child, silently flabbergasted by the miraculous development.

With her faith and undaunted will, the mother managed to seek the grace of Sadguru Sri Sharavanababa. She was even ready to sleep on the road, if necessary to wait for Babaji for the sake of her ailing child.

As shared by the devout mother of the child, in deep gratitude and reverence to beloved Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba.

by Smt.Lakshmi(Thanka) wife of Sri Murugan

On 10th June I went to Calicut and while coming back unknowingly I took all the vibhoodhi which was there on the photos and the theertam in which vibhoodhi was mixed.

On 12th June (Sunday) my sister-in-law , her husband and their two children came home(sai nivas). They went straightly to the pooja room and told mom its like something missing in the pooja room without vibhoodhi on the photos. Later they went out and sat in the sitout after few minutes the children went to the pooja room and called up everyone at home to see that all the photos in the pooja room were filled with vibhoodhi.

On 19th June sister & family came home in the evening.My co-brother,sister-in-law and dad went to dad’s village leaving the children at home with mom. They lit the lamp in the evening. All the three of them were standing in the pooja room and there was no place for a third person to stand there. After giving the Aarathi they found that a banana was peeled in the prasadam plate and vibhoodhi was pierced into it. Before lighting the lamp the banana’s which were kept were the same as it was kept in the morning. But after they gave the aarathi they found that one of the banana’s skin was peeled and vibhoodhi was pierced in it. Later Mom and children were sitting in the dining room and were talking about the miracles happening at home. Suddenly they heard a tick tick sound of switch(on & off).The children told mom Ammama some switch sound is coming from the first floor. within seconds they heard someone walking in the first floor (only 3 steps).All the three got scared .The children started shivering but mom who is the most timid one at home. She told the children that she will go and see who is there in the upstairs. Due to some wiring problem lights were not functioning in upstair rooms.Mom went up chanting”om sharavana Bhava”mantra and found no one there. The next day mom when she was reading swamiji’s vachanamrutham book. In that it is written that swamiji will jump and come in the places where he likes and will sit there forever. Mom realized this had happened yesterday evening.

On 9th July Everyone at home went out to see dad’s sister who is not feeling well. They went at 4pm and came back at 7.30pm.It was too late so mom didn’t lit the lamp. But the children went to the pooja room and found that there was some 10 crystal sugar candies kept in the prasadam plate in which milk and banana were kept in the morning. All were shocked how the sugar candies had come in the prasadam plate which mom had never kept. Crystal sugar candy packet was in the kitchen and the kitchen was closed when they went out. My Sis-in-law went to the toilet in the bedroom when the rest of them were in the living room. Suddenly she heard someone was knocking on the wooden cot with frequent intervals. She heard it for few minutes. Then she peeped through a gap of the door to see who is there in the bed room and found that no one was there. But the sound was been heard in frequent intervals. Later she opened the door to see who is there in the bed room and suddenly the sound vanished. After everyone went mom went and saw the sugar candy packet which was kept in the fridge and found that one side of the packet was open. This shows swami’s presence in Sai Nivas though swami is now in UK which is 1000’s of miles away from here. On 17th July at 4pm my sister-in-law and family came home. Before coming mom called up my sister-in-law and told her don’t come with empty hands. while coming do bring something(like flowers)for swami. For that sister told that she will make payasam and bring .When they came to home mom told sister to keep the payasam in the pooja room as prasadam. she went and kept it in the pooja room. while coming one of their family friends daughter also came with them. All of them went and sat in the balcony in the first floor. After ½ hr suddenly mom felt vibhoodhi smell was coming from the breeze. But she didn’t tell anyone. After sometime again she felt the same thing. Then she asked my sis-in-law whether she is feeling that smell of vibhoodhi. My Sis-in-law told that she felt the smell of agarbathi(incense sticks).Suddenly they realized it might be the smell coming from down stairs. All of them ran down to see what is happening in the pooja room. For there surprise they saw vibhoodhi was showered on the lamp in which oil and wicks were kept for lighting in the evening. The vibhoodhi was soaked in the oil in the lamp. The SaiBaba idols were all showered with vibhoodhi. In the prasadam plate milk and a small bunch of grapes was kept in the morning as prasadam. The girl who came with them told my sis-in-law,aunty u told that swami accepts the prasadam which u keep in the pooja plate. But why swami didn’t had your payasam. Mom lighted the lamp and they all went and sat in the living room. While going that girl told swami might have your prasadam if we move from the pooja room. Within few minutes they came back to the pooja room and were surprised to see that there was little vibhoodhi poured on the top of the payasam kept and on which a black grape was taken from the bunch of grapes and kept on the vibhoodhi in the payasam bowl.The girl who came with them was shocked to see what has happened within few minutes. She took the grape in the payasam and had it as prasadam. she was overflown with joy after seeing all these miracles happened in their presence.

One more thing what they noticed on all these days was the vibhoodhi which was kept in the container was vanishing little by little.And they saw big finger prints in the vibhoodhi which was kept in the container. On 9th June the vibhoodhi which was at the bottom of the container was showered on the shiv ling and an ixoraflower(thecchi poovu)was kept in the empty container.After that mom kept another container of vibhoodhi which was brought from shirdi long back and now big fingerprints are seen in that container. Mom filled that empty container with vibhoodhi and on 17th July they saw big finger prints in both the tins. One more miraculous thing is that the raw milk which is kept as prasadam is consumed by mom and dad in the night. For mom says we don’t know when swami comes and consumes it. So it is kept in the pooja room till night.Like a miracle mom says the quantity of the milk is seen decreasing in the glass at night from the past few days. And nothing happens to the raw milk though kept outside for so many hours. Mom says its really the miracle of baba.

All these incidents were happening only when my co-brother and their family comes to “Sai Nivas” because they have no belief in swamiji(but children are a great believers of swami) and mom’s wish was that swami has to show some miracle in my house and they all should come and feel it. Mom says swami has fulfilled her wish. Now whenever they come home, first they go to the pooja room pray there,have vibhoodhi and then only comes and sit in the hall. Swamiji always used to say mom in his darshan that “amma Anughrahikanne Ennu Prathikku”(i.e.Pray for blessings).Swamiji always says that when we are blessed then all our wishes will be fulfilled.So swamiji has blessed mom and fulfilled all her wishes.In his last darshan swamiji told mom whatever you wish it will be fulfilled by me. Mom is so happy that she is waiting to see swami soon and thank swami for fulfilling her wish and for his presence at home. These type of miracles we have heard and read in books that were happened in dwaparayuga and Threthayuga but now we are seeing in live the divine power of our baba in the kaliyuga.

Due to some problem in the camera we are not able to take photos and forward it to you all.

Grace be to the Lord.
In the seva of SharavanaBaba!
Sumesh& Family.

Om Sharavana Bhava! Guruva Sharanam ! Om Sharavana Bhava!

I was searching for a true Guru and with the devine help I met Babaji on the 31 Dec 2009 at the Anjanyer temple in Colindale,London. It was one of the memorable day in my life. During darshan Babaji summarised my whole life just in few minutes and he said "I am here now". I was puzzled for a second, Babaji placed his hand on my head and said "do you remember me now?". It was absolutely amazing. First thing that came in to my mind was Om Muruga. I suddenly recollected my memory and remembered the conversation I had with Tiruchindur Mrugan.

When I went to Thiruchindur temple, I made a prayer to lord muruga ,"you are powerful and have done lots of miracles. As your devotees in london are suffering and they need your blessings, redemption and salvation. Please come to London, I shall be always at your service as my gratitude.

You could imagin how ecstatic I was feeling, I was hoping to get a Guru to guide me to obtain Leberation (Moksha) but I have realised that Thiruchindur Murugan has come as my Guru and fulfilled my wish, which is so precious. Babaji went on to say I am Lord Kanthan's child and belong to Thiruchindur temple and that is my home and I have to go back there one day. I felt that I have come to my sences and God has miraculously transformed my life. From this experience I have gained self-realization.

I wanted to thank Babaji, for his grace, I could achieve what I never imagined would be possible. Babaji increased my confidence with his guidence and encouragement which gave me courage to do 54 miles bike ride, London to Brighton. There were 27,000 people took part in this race which was was organised by British heart fountation, only with Babaji’s blessings I successfuly accomplished the difficult task.

Presence of Babaji is always felt. Last year when Babaji went back from his visit to London, I wanted to go to the Airport for the send off but I couldn't go as I had exam the next day.

In the morning about 4.00 am a ginger cat came up to my parents room and slapt on thrir bed. My parents were suprised to see a cat sleeping on the bed.

We were so happy to see the cat and the presence of Babaji was felt through the ginger cat. When Babji came back to London this year he said "did you know that I have visited your house".

Babaji is unique in many ways. My Grandmother is 94 years old and her forefathers worshiped Lord Murguan and she always chant the lords name "Om Murga". Normally we do service and give donations and gift to guru but Babaji said for my Grandmother's devotion (bakthi ) he owes her and he want to pay back the debt that been accumulated. Babaji gave my Grandmother a gold coin. I believed in when we make offering to Guru it reduces the accumulation of debts on our account with God and increases the ability to withstand the effects of destiny but it was a first time I have seen a God paying back the debt.

Guru has connected his pure heart to his devotees, it's inspiring and heart warming. Babaji pray for his devotees every day and night. When we undergo major surgical operations Babaji devotes his time for us and with his supreme powers he safes our lives.

Vibhuthi Miracle

To date I have received darshan frome Babaji for more than 55 times and this is the first time I have experienced the Vibhuthi miracle. I have received prasadam and Guru Bhavan's picture from Tirchendur temple and on the 14th August I kept this picture in the shrine. The vibhuthi miracle started from this picture and from the Lord Murugan's picture. Few days later vibhuthi appared from Babaji lotus feet, then from the Ram and Sita’s feet, then from Goddest Ambal's picture.

On the 25/9/11 Vibhuthi appeared from Babaji’s leaflet which I was given at the Babaji’s Birthday celebration day. As soon as I got home from Babaji's birthday celebration I kept the leaflet in the shrine safely. On that day Babaji gave darashan to over thousonds of devotees and Babaji didn't eat anything for long time, so I made prasadam and offered it to Babaji and I made a kind request to him to accept my prasadam. Next morning I saw viphuthi appeared from the right side of the Babaji's forehead on the leaflet. It was absolutely a magnificent to see such a miracle.

Through true devotion we can experience Babaji’s miracles.
Thank you Babaji for your endless blessings and miracles.

Om Sharavana Bhava! Guruva Sharanam ! Om Sharavana Bhava!

By Gavusala Subramaniam

We have heard that many miracles have taken place in India, Malaysia, Singapore and UK, and now Swamis’ miracle is taking place in Sri Lanka too. Koddaikallar is a beautiful island surrounded by water (the sea on the east side of the village and a lagoon to the west) situated in eastern province. This very serene and natural beauty is perhaps what attracted Babaji to this particular village.

On the 23rd of June 2011, when Babaji came to our house in Lincolnshire, a picture of Babaji was blessed by him on the request my mother for her sister (my aunt) who had recently become a widow with two young children. Seeing how upset she was, he said “Don’t worry I will be with them and take care of them” little did she know what was about to happen.

The miracle started on the 14th of August 2011, when my mother started her journey from London to Sri Lanka. After having got up from a brief nap she freshened up and closed her eyes and started saying “ Om Sharvana Baba ” 108 times as per her usual routine. Once she opened her eyes she saw the smiling face of Babaji on the small TV screens found on the rear of each seat. Doubting whether she was just imagining things, she blinked and rubbed her eyes but Babaji was still there for some time.

After arriving to our house in Koddaikallar, my mother placed the blessed picture in the pooja room and would regularly pray and light a lamp. On Thursday the 25th of August 2011 , Vipoothi started to come from Babaji’s picture. Vipoothi was continuously coming from the picture for just over two weeks and is still coming intermittently until the present day.

Hearing this phenomenon many people had started to come to see this miracle, although they knew little about Babaji all were mesmerised by what they saw. Many people requested a picture of Babaji, my mother distributed the few that she had taken with her. Hearing this we decided to arrange to pick up some more pictures to send to Sri Lanka, so that some prasadam and a picture could be given to each person who comes. On the 28th of August 2011, we had arranged to pick up some calendar sized images of Swami. We took these and got a dharshan, where they were blessed. During the dharshan he told my children “I travelled to Sri Lanka with your grandmother” and repeatedly asked us whether she was happy, which confirms that my mother had indeed seen Babaji on the flight screen and this was not a figment of her imagination .

It has now become a regular habit that many of the locals come to pray before babajis picture everyday and take blessings. It is also the first port of call when someone becomes unwell, where they come and take a bit of the vipoothi.

Currently, my Grandma, aunt and two cousins are living in the house. It is situated at the rear side of the Kannakai Amman Temple in Koddaikallar.
Om Sharabana Baba.


I am an ordinary person, a humble servant of Babaji. Thanks to His blessings , I am sharing a personal experience.

As a devotee of Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) since 1992, I did not think of another Guru until I met our beloved Baba at Qatar in April 2008. He was so loving and caring to us, a smiling saint like Amma.

Baba came to Qatar to see a family who had met with a car accident. I was working in the hospital where the couple and their daughter were being treated. The parents sustained minor injuries while the daughter had a severe head injury. As soon as I heard the news of their accident, I rushed to see them and was surprised to find out that the parents were cool and calm. The father told me that nothing could happen to his daughter because Baba’s grace was present. Baba had assured them that He was looking after both his wife and her. Baba had also said that if something were to happen to his daughter, He would be no more in this world. This was His way of stating emphatically that He was present in their life! I thought, how can one have so much trust and devotion towards a Guru? But this is exactly what happened.

Then, I went to the Operation Theatre directly and enquired about her. The surgery was being done. The doctor said, “Her situation is very critical. My team and I are doing our best. Pray to God.”

The next day Baba arrived in Qatar and came to the hospital to see her. I was very lucky to get a chance to accompany Baba to the Intensive Care Unit. She was almost in a coma state. Baba removed His rudrakshamala and put it on her hand. He prayed for some time, applied vibhuti on her body and left.

It was a really touching scene. I was having a strong desire to meet Baba in person, so I went with my family to the flat in which He was staying. It was evening. There were few more devotees waiting to meet Baba. We waited hoping that He would come out of His room. He did not appear until 12:30 a.m. so we all went back home without meeting Him.

The next day we went again to get His darshan in the evening. After Baba had come out of His room, He apologised to everyone saying that He could not meet us the previous day. He then said smilingly, “I was not here, I was busy doing a major operation.” We understood the truth! We had a very good darshan and felt something very special like the way we felt when we had met Amma for the first time.

The next day I went to the ICU to see Lakshmi and was completely surprised! She was starting to move her body. From that day onwards till she got discharged, I was witnessing the process of her recovery. Her coming back to this world was a miracle; in fact, it was all owing to the blessings of Baba! This is why I believe that once you surrender everything at His lotus feet, He will take care of you throughout your life.


Baba visited us again in Qatar. I had the opportunity to invite Him to my house. I performed pada pooja for which I had a strong desire to do for Amma. After the pada pooja Baba asked me, “Are you happy? Has your wish come true?” He knows everything!



After Baba had left Qatar, we experienced His presence in our home. Theertham started flowing from His photograph. Initially, my family and I did not know about this miracle. We thought it might be the result of oil being spilled from a can. But soon we realized the truth!

We were at the ashram in Sreekrishnapuram when one of Baba’s devotees invited us to his house to witness a miracle that had taken place. He took us there. I was shocked! Theertham was flowing from his photograph too! It was similar to what was happening in our house. I told Baba this and He gave me a divine smile, as if He had done nothing. 


In our lives we experience day-to-day problems and obstacles but somehow we overcome them because of the Guru’s blessings.

One day when we were getting darshan at Sreekrishnapuram, we asked Baba if we could leave because we were going back to Qatar. He told us not to leave and to wait for the aarthi to finish. We waited and went to Baba after it was over. He asked me, did you come by car? He placed His hand on my shoulder and said, “Swami will be with you as a saradhi, now you can go.”

While driving back we came across a sharp turn at Thiruvilwamala. I was driving fast because we were leaving by flight for Qatar that very night. Suddenly, I saw a jeep coming very fast in the same lane. I immediately turned my car to the left and some of our tyres fell off the road. The jeep passed our car, and I stopped it a few meters ahead. After getting out, I noticed that the back tyre was punctured as well. A person from a nearby shop came to help us change the tyres and we reached home safely. We are certain that Baba was with us that night and saved our lives!


Salutations to the Lord for giving us His blessing everyday! May Baba bless all who wish to travel on the right path and follow His teachings and do seva in His name!

My wife Bindu had severe shoulder pain for many years. She consulted several doctors, did all the tests but the pain persisted. One day it got severe and she remembered the sacred manjal powder that she had received from Baba during naga darshan. She went to the pooja room and applied it on her shoulder. She felt a cooling effect and then the pain disappeared totally. A small vel appeared on her shoulder. And she has felt no pain on her shoulder since then.


Another experience that my wife had was during the time when she was diagnosed with a tennis elbow. The doctor advised her to put an elbow strap and take rest. He said that it would take more than a year for her hand to get back to normal. She was unable to do any household work and was not able to pick up even a small item from the floor. I sent her to India to undergo Ayurvedic treatment. After consulting with an Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed some medicines, she wanted to take blessings from Baba before starting on a treatment plan.

While waiting for darshan, she spotted the origin of the pain. She wanted to tell Baba where the pain was. During darshan, Baba placed His divine hand on her elbow and rubbed it for a while. He then asked her to show Him where the pain is. Surprisingly, she could not say where the pain was as it had disappeared completely. Then, Baba asked her to stay at His ashram for a day in order to decorate the Krishna idol which is kept in His pooja room. As she did not feel any pain, she could complete the decorations. After finishing it, Baba told her smilingly that He had made a sankalpa for her to do this work. Now she is normal and has never experienced any pain on her elbow.


One day at night I suddenly felt severe pain on my right thigh. I could not sleep due to it. The next morning I went to a Neurologist who prescribed some medicine. Even after taking the medicine the pain was still there. So I went to the Emergency department of a hospital where a doctor gave me an injection to reduce the pain. But it did not reduce.

Baba was in Malaysia at that time and we informed him about the problem. He said not to worry as He would take care of me.

The next day the doctor advised me to take a Magnetic Resonance Imaging of my spine. Following this, they found out that there was a problem with my disc. He advised me to take bed rest for three weeks. The next day the pain was slowly spreading to my leg, I felt a numbness on the right leg and I could not walk. After three weeks, I decided to take treatment in India. I took an appointment at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi with the head of Neurosurgeon. Before going to the doctor we went to take blessings of Baba (Palakkad ashram). He said there was nothing to worry about and asked me to turn on one side after which he rubbed my thigh using His right thumb. He rubbed all the way down to the foot. My father-in-law asked Him whether I should take an appointment with a doctor or get an Ayurvedic massage. He said that the massage was unnecessary but to take doctor’s opinion. As the appointment was scheduled anyway, I went to the doctor the next day and after the tests were done, the doctor could not spot any abnormality in my body. I was discharged sans the prescription of a single medication. Baba’s grace! I have never experienced the pain again…

During darshan in 2017, Baba told me that I would be promoted to a higher post at my workplace. I told him that I was promoted to a senior position just a year ago and it would be difficult to get another promotion considering the timing, especially since I was working at a governmental organisation. He just smiled at me. But when I returned back to work, I came to know that my paper had been moved to Human Resources for processing for a promotion as Manager (about which I had been dreaming for a while). I could not believe it! Humble pranams to Him...


In November 2019, Baba phoned me and said He would be visiting Qatar during the second week of December.

During that period, we were in a flat in which we had been staying for more than twelve years and were trying to move to a villa. We could not find any villa which fitted our budget. We prayed to Baba to get us a nice villa before His next visit. My wife asked me to go and ask the company again. I was not interested in doing that as the company had rejected our request several times and I had no hope with them. But she insisted that I go as Baba would definitely bless us this time; she forced me to go and try once again. When I went to the housing department and submitted a request, the staff asked me to return the next morning. This was interesting because the housing department had rejected my application many times. When I went the next morning they gave me a bunch of keys and asked me to go and choose our villa. So we chose a three-storey villa and moved just two days before Baba’s arrival. He blessed us with a nice villa!


We always offer our food to Baba before we eat it. One day we had invited some guests and my wife prepared puttu and kadala curry. Since it was late she offered a small portion of the meal to Baba and kept the remaining for them. At night Baba phoned. My wife asked Him whether He had accepted our offering to which He said, “You offered me a small portion only to taste!” Baba knows everything, every moment in our life.


During Vishu we prepared sadya and offered it to Baba. We lit a lamp and kept it in the pooja room. After a few minutes we put off the lamp and took the prasadam. After eating we went to the pooja room and found out that the lamp in front of Baba’s photograph was still lit. My wife was sure that she had pushed the wick into the oil. In the evening when we were talking to Baba on the phone, we told Him about this and He said it was He who did this miracle. He also pointed out correctly the side at which the lamp was lit in the room!


I would like to narrate one last experience. My sister who is settled in Calcutta experienced a miracle. She is a devotee of Amma. She never wanted to meet Baba as she used to say that she accepts only Amma as her Guru.

One day she had a strong desire to meet Baba in the Palakkad ashram. So she went with my other sister who is a regular visitor to the ashram. During darshan Baba was very loving and caring towards her. He rubbed her head and said that He is always with her. He also gave a bottle of oil as prasadam and asked her to rub the oil on her body if she were to get any pain.

The next day she went to Bangalore to see her daughter. They went by car in the evening to see a relative. On the way the car hit a road divider and her head hit the window. She became unconscious. She was taken to the ICU and an MRI scan was done. They found a small crack very close to her spinal cord. She was in a restless condition, she could not recognize anyone and her hands and legs were tied to the bed so as to avoid any movements.

As soon as I heard about the incident I informed Baba. He was in Malaysia. He said not to worry, she will be alright.

The next day she continued to be restless and kept on asking for the oil which Baba had given her. Her daughter was not aware of this oil so she phoned her grandmother in Kerala asking her if she knew about the oil. Our mother remembered the oil given during darshan. She asked her granddaughter to check if the oil was in my sister’s vanity bag. They searched for it, found the bottle and immediately went to the hospital. They rubbed the oil on her body. After this she came back to a normal state. The doctors were surprised to see her fast recovery. Baba’s blessings! Pranamas to His lotus feet.



Baba has always been with us during the difficult times we have had as a family. He is everything to us. I bow down at His lotus feet and offer atmasamarpana with full faith in Him.


Om Sharavanabhava!