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Sri Babaji’s resolve to provide education support to the underprivileged students in the rural areas, led to the establishment of the Vidhya Dhaanam initiative.

Through this initiative underprivileged students in rural, tribal areas of India and Srilanka are provided education materials, including five notebooks each, pencils, and pens. High school students are provided Geometry boxes as well. In addition, every year thousands of students are provided school bags, water bottles and umbrellas.

Volunteers from the respective ashrams visit rural, tribal areas to identify the deserving students and provide a token along with a place, date to attend the event to collect the materials.

From 2007 serving 1000 students a year, over 100,000 students have been provided education materials every year from 2017 to 2020, across India and SriLanka.

In addition, Sri Babaji provides scholarships to deserving students who are under privileged and can’t afford to pursue their higher studies. Every year many students are selected and provided aid.

Follow the ashram calendar to know the dates when these services would be performed to participate in person, and also volunteer in these services.

If you wish to contribute to providing education materials or scholarships to students, or adopt the schooling of a student, kindly click on this link to donate online now