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As per the ancient vedic traditions and in tune with the modern needs of famers, an initiative to support the daily needs of families in rural areas is contribution of healthy cows to underprivileged farmers.

Each farmer or family is provided with a health cow and calf, which provides milk and the by products from milk to the family everyday. Since milk is one of the key ingredients of nutrition, the overall health of the family also improves, resulting in enhanced socio-economic impact.

It is said in the vedas, one must donate a cow and calf atleast once during the lifetime of a human being. Most people also donate cows during auspicious events, viz., Wedding, Birthday, 60th Birthday, 70th Birthday, 80th Birthday, Wedding anniversary, on death of a beloved family member, etc., It is indeed auspicious to donate a cow to get redemption from past karmas, when one is alive, especially if one donates in the name of their parents / ancestors. During every event at the ashrams / centres in India and Sri Lanka, under privileged families / farmers from the rural areas are empowered with Cows.

If you wish to contribute to support women’s empowerment initiatives, kindly click here to donate online now