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Shree Sharavana Baba Foundation COVID 19 Pandemic Relief Gesture – Loka Kalyana Seva in the Holy Palani Kshetram for the families of the Temple priests and associates

On 31st May 2020, under the guidance and directions of Sadguru Shree Sharavana Baba, the Shree Sharavana Baba Foundation performed yet another Loka Kalyana Seva - a gesture of Pandemic Lockdown assistance, to those serving the Holy Palani Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Temple, one of the Six Abodes of Murugan, in Dindigul district.

Respected SKMP Mani Shivacharyar and respected Raja Shanmugha Kurukkal ( who serve as priests in the temple) were instrumental in coordinating this Seva, whereby Shree Sharavana Baba Foundation could offer financial assistance to the families of the priests and associates who serve Lord Murugan in the temple.

The recipients were overwhelmed by this gesture and expressed that this was like the proverbial Water in a dreary Desert. With hearts filled with gratefulness and joy, they hailed the Shree Sharavana Baba Foundation and Sadguru Sharavana Baba from the bottom of their hearts with Vedic chants. They conferred blessings and best wishes for each and every person associated with Shree Sharavana Baba Foundation, which is serving from many parts of the world; with the goal of rendering loving selfless Service to all while upholding Truth and Righteousness.